Amazing Physics: Fluid Dynamics and Quantum Levitation in Action (Video) Droplets levitating on sound waves, water orbiting in microgravity, and more. In this video, produced in a collaboration with Hashem AL-ghaili, we delve into the amazing world of fluids and physics. Credit:  


Intergenerational contagion diseases trapped in ice

        As global temperatures head north, Arctic permafrost is thawing to unprecedented depths, reanimating a small army of deadly microbes – dormant, in some cases, for millennia – that could rise from the slush to infect humanity. “Frozen permafrost soil is the perfect place for bacteria to remain alive for very long periods [...]

Science Results from NASA’s Juno Mission

Early science results from NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter portray the largest planet in our solar system as a complex, gigantic, turbulent world, with Earth-sized polar cyclones, plunging storm systems that travel deep into the heart of the gas giant, and a mammoth, lumpy magnetic field that may indicate it was generated closer to the planet’s surface than previously thought.